Awesome Articles and Projects

This awesome list contains awesome articles and talks on Authlib, and awesome projects built with Authlib.

If you have an awesome article on Authlib, please submit a pull request. Note, some links may be removed in the future, we keep ONLY the awesome ones.


OAuth Clients Demo

An official example on how to use OAuth clients with Authlib in Flask, Django, Starlette, and FastAPI.

OAuth 2.0 Provider

An official example on how to create an OAuth 2.0 server with Authlib.

OpenID Connect 1.0 Provider

An official example on how to create an OpenID Connect server with Authlib.


Open source projects that are using Authlib to create an OAuth server.


Customizable and skinnable social platform dedicated to (open)data.

NMOS Authorisation Server

AMWA NMOS BCP-003-02 Authorisation Server

anchore engine

A service that analyzes docker images and applies user-defined acceptance policies to allow automated container image validation and certification.