A sustainable project is trustworthy to use in your production environment. To make this project sustainable, we need your help. Here are several options:

Community Contribute

To make Authlib sustainable, we need your contribution. There are many ways for you, some of them even don’t require code writing:

  1. File a bug report when you found one.

  2. Solve issues already there.

  3. Write a blog post on Authlib.

  4. Give a star on GitHub and spread Authlib to other people.

Commercial License

Authlib is licensed under BSD for open source projects. If you are running a business, consider to purchase a commercial license instead.

Find more information on

Commercial Support

I do provide commercial support on Authlib. If you need personal help or consulting on your project, please send an email with a brief of what you need to <>, I’ll decide whether I can take the job.

Note that work must be Authlib related. Find more information on