If you use Authlib and its related projects commercially we strongly encourage you to invest in its sustainable development by sponsorship.

We accept funding with paid license and sponsorship. With the funding, it will:

  • contribute to faster releases, more features, and higher quality software.

  • allow more time to be invested in the documentation, issues, and community support.

And you can also get benefits from us:

  1. access to some of our private repositories

  2. access to our private PyPI.

  3. join our security mail list.

Get more details on our sponsor tiers page at:

  1. GitHub sponsors:

  2. Patreon:


Insiders are people who have access to our private repositories, you can become an insider with:

  1. purchasing a paid license at

  2. Become a sponsor with tiers including “Access to our private repos” benefit


We offer a private PyPI server to release early security fixes and features. You can find more details about this PyPI server at:


The following list of funding goals shows features and additional addons we are going to add.

Funding Goal: $500/month

  • done setup a private PyPI

  • todo A running demo of loginpass services

  • todo Starlette integration of loginpass

Funding Goal: $2000/month

  • todo A simple running demo of OIDC provider in Flask

When the demo is complete, source code of the demo will only be available to our insiders.

Funding Goal: $5000/month

In Authlib v2.0, we will start working on async provider integrations.

  • todo Starlette (FastAPI) OAuth 1.0 provider integration

  • todo Starlette (FastAPI) OAuth 2.0 provider integration

  • todo Starlette (FastAPI) OIDC provider integration

Funding Goal: $9000/month

In Authlib v3.0, we will add built-in support for SAML.

  • todo SAML 2.0 implementation

  • todo RFC7522 (SAML) 2.0 Profile for OAuth 2.0 Client Authentication and Authorization Grants

  • todo CBOR Object Signing and Encryption

  • todo A complex running demo of OIDC provider

Our Sponsors

Here is our current sponsors, we keep a full list of our sponsors in the Authors page.