This is the documentation of the development version, check the Stable Version documentation.

OAuth Clients

This part of the documentation contains information on the client parts. Authlib provides many frameworks integrations, including:

  • The famous Python Requests
  • A next generation HTTP client for Python: httpx
  • Flask web framework integration
  • Django web framework integration
  • Starlette web framework integration
  • FastAPI web framework integration

In order to use Authlib client, you have to install each library yourself. For example, you want to use requests OAuth clients:

$ pip install Authlib requests

For instance, you want to use httpx OAuth clients:

$ pip install -U Authlib httpx

Here is a simple overview of Flask OAuth client:

from flask import Flask, jsonify
from authlib.integrations.flask_client import OAuth

app = Flask(__name__)
oauth = OAuth(app)
github = oauth.register('github', {...})

def login():
    redirect_uri = url_for('authorize', _external=True)
    return github.authorize_redirect(redirect_uri)

def authorize():
    token = github.authorize_access_token()
    # you can save the token into database
    profile = github.get('/user', token=token)
    return jsonify(profile)

Follow the documentation below to find out more in detail.