Thanks for reading this section, you have a good intention. Since you are interested in contributing to Authlib, there are few things you need to know:

  1. All contributions are welcome, as long as everyone involved is treated with respect.

  2. Your contribution may be rejected, but don’t despair. It’s just that this certain pull request doesn’t fit Authlib. Be brave for a next contribution.

  3. Some issues will be labeled as good first issue, if you’re new to Authlib, you may find these issues are a good start for contribution.

Bug Reports

It’s welcome for everyone to submit a bug report. However, before you submit a report on GitHub issues, please check the old issues both open and closed, to ensure that you are not submitting a duplicate issue.

Please don’t ask for help on GitHub issues. Ask them on StackOverflow.

Documentation Contributions

Documentation improvements are welcome, both on grammar and the sentences. I’m not a native English speaker, you may find errors in this documentation, don’t hesitated to submit an improvement.

Our documentation is generated with Sphinx. All documentation should be written in reStructuredText, if you are not familiar reStructuredText, please read its documentation.

We keep a soft limit of 79 characters wide in text files. Yet, if you have to exceed this limit, it’s OK, but no more than 110 characters.

Make a Pull Request

Thank you. Now that you have a fix for Authlib, please describe it clearly in your pull request. There are some requirements for a pull request to be accepted:

  • Follow PEP8 code style. You can use flake8 to check your code style.

  • Tests for the code changes are required.

  • Please add documentation for it, if it requires.


By making a pull request, you consent that the copyright of your pull request source code belongs to Authlib’s author.

Become a Backer

Finance support is also welcome. A better finance can make Authlib Sustainable. Here I offer two options:

  1. Recurring Pledges

    Recurring pledges come with exclusive benefits, e.g. having your name listed in the Authlib GitHub repository, or have your company logo placed on this website.

  2. One Time Donation

    I accept one time donation via Stripe, Alipay and Wechat. Donate via

    Support Hsiaoming Yang